This flag is presented on behalf of a grateful nation and the United States Army as a token of appreciation for your loved one’s honorable and faithful service.

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These are our brothers in arms who have passed away other than in the war.  A link to the obituary is below the name

Name                Year of passing
John Ross                       1969
John Ross
1SG Donald Larimore     1971
Donald W Larimore Obituary
Brian D. Frank                 1984
LT Frank
John Patrick                     1984
Timothy Herek                 1994
Isidor Armbruster             1996
Randall Thompson           1996
Randy Thompson Obituary
Gary Jouvelakas              1997
Monroe Falterman           1999
Luther Ellison                   1999
S. Thomas Buford             2001
Richard Werder                2003
Michael Templet               2004
Michael Templet Obituary
Winston “Wayne” Moody  2004
Winston Wayne Moody Obituary
Dennis McArthey              2005
Dennis Patrick McArthey Obituary
Michael Holland                2005
Egan Peterson                  2005
Darryl Walker                    2006
James Berlin                     2007
James Alan Berlin Obituary
William Henderson           2007
William Edwin Henderson Obituary
John Ulricson                    2008
John Ulricson Obituary
Jerry Tischer                     2010
Jerry Tischer Obituary
Ronald Post                      2011
Ronald Post Obituary
Gene Kennedy                  2012
Gene Keenedy
Richard Jack                     2012
Richard Jack Obituary
Ronald Givens                  2012
Ronald Givens Obituary
Charles “Bud” Dawalt       2012
Charles Dawalt Obituary
Larry Stanko                     2013
Lawrence James Stanko Obituary
Byron “Bud” Bayne           2013
Byron Bayne Obituary
LTG John M. Wright Jr     2014   Commandant USAIS
LTG John Wright Obituary
William L. Robinson         2015
William Lee Robinson Obituary
Robert H. Yauger            2015
Robert H Yauger. Obituary
LTG Sidney Berry          2016 Assistant Commandant USAIS
LTG Sidney Berry
William Lulves               2016
William Lulves Obituary
Sephen Stennes           2106
Stephen Lorris Stennes Obituary
Joe Baxter                      2017
Joseph Baxter Obituary
Lew Keller                     2018
Lew Keller Obituary
Alfred Deome                2020
Alfred Deome
Eric Lampe                   2020
Eric Lampe Obituary
Lynn Weaver                 2020
Lynn Weaver Obituary
Gerald Vogt                  2020
Gerald Vogt
Owen Nee                    2021
Owen Nee Obituary
Michael LaGarde           2021
Mickey LaGarde Obituary
Jibryne “Grubby” Karter   2021
Grubby Carter Obituary and Letter
Ted Pytash                       2021
Theodore Pytash Obituary
Mark Kirkpatrick              2021
Mark A Kirkpatrick Obituary
John Merrifield                 2023
John Merrifield Obituary
Duane “Blue” Dice           2023
Duane Dice Obituary
Paul Ganley                     2023

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